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Mrs Hurley

Hello and welcome to Nursery,

My name is Mrs. Hurley and I am ably supported by Mrs. Parkinson, Mrs McNicholas and Miss McDowell.


In our Nursery we follow the Early Years Framework to plan learning activities for your child to develop them in Literacy, Communication and Language, Mathematics, Personal and Social Development, Physical Development and in Knowledge and Understanding of the World. 


We are very excited to be supporting your child in their journey of learning in Nursery.

The children have loved learning all about people who help us this week! They have enjoyed dressing up and using their imaginations to create a narrative to their play. We also had a visit from the lovely Claire the dentist to teach and show us how to brush and look after our teeth.

We focus on a different topic each half term providing a stimulating, vibrant, fun and caring environment for each child to grow, develop confidence and reach their full potential.


We encourage independence, speech, social skills and self regulation. See below for ways to support your child develop these skills.


Important information


Every Thursday your child will come home with a book of their choice, please read with your child and ask them questions about the pictures and about the story. Return the book the following Wednesday to receive a new book and write in the diary provided.


Jo Jingles

Jo Jingles is a fun and exciting music and dancing session for the children to take part in, the session is a  Tuesday afternoon.



Swimming is yet to be confirmed, if you're interested in a place please speak to Mrs. Hurley to go on the waiting list. Lessons are held at Gorlands in Longridge, they provide transport with fitted car seats. The cost is £6 per week. There are 10 spaces available.



Each term we will focus on a different topic and take part in various activities relevant to the topic with lots of additional celebrations! Click on the yellow star above to reveal this terms topic and activities you could take part in at home to support your child's learning. 


How you can support your child

  • Let them help get dressed in the morning
  • Ask them to put on their own shoes and coat
  • Ask open ended questions and allow time to answer (at least 10 seconds)
  • Give choices - would you like an apple or a banana?
  • Read lots of stories or even make up your own! 
  • Listen to your child and ask how their day went at nursery
  • Give lots of praise
  • Encourage them to use the toilet and wash their own hands

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to come and talk to me or one of the team


Thank you 

Mrs. Hurley

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