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Wonderful writing !!!

Wednesday 24th May


LO: To conclude a balanced/biased piece of writing


Having shared one side of my argument I am going to talk about my opinion about the good things that trees provide. Hopefully, you will find this as a fair argument.


The logging industry provides millions of pounds and millions of jobs, but poor countries (like Brazil) depend on it. You shall not force people with very little money to give up their jobs when their starving families are depending on them. Think about the consequences. What would you do if you was in their shoes? By chopping down the trees poor countries will gain money and also gain land to put animals there so they can sell beef. If poor people quit their jobs then firstly, they will starve, secondly, their families will die. Do you want that to happen? Cutting down trees still leaves you with the spectacular environment. You must leave these innocent people alone, you are treating them like pets. It is heart breaking for the children out there if they have if they have no jobs then the number of children is decreasing. Think what will happen, just think. Just think.


Having heard both of my opinions this is what I think about deforestation. It's wrong, it shouldn't be done this is why. Rainforests cover 6 percent of this world. More than 25 percent of our medicines come from the rainforests yet we have only discovered 1 percent. Just think what the 99 percent of medicines would cure. By the year 2030, we might only have 10 percent of our forests left. By then we might not even have 1 percent of our rainforests left. Think about it!


That’s what I think!



Age 9

We are now coming to the end of a very busy term. The children have worked extremely hard and can be very pleased with the work they have done.

Our stories of based on the tale of Hugo Cabret were so good we ended up turning them into mini stage plays!



These included an amazing mix of dialogue, description and action as well as some great onomatopoeias which were gathered from scenes in the film. You can see an example here...




We have also done some brilliant guided sketches. Some of the children were amazed at what a huge difference using shapes can have when sketching people. These will look excellent as the stations of the cross. 


And of course we hope mums were just as happy as my own mother was when they got their cards from the children. The children did a great job following the instructions to create a "love you to bits card".

Welcome back. I hope you all enjoyed your time off during the Christmas holidays. The children have been very excited and telling me about all of the fantastic things they have been learning. The term this topic is Earthlings and our literacy focus is science fiction stories. 


Our times table focus for this term is our 8 and 9 times tables, so hopefully we can find a new song to help us remember them.


At the end of January, the school will be having a poetry competition and year 5 have already started to learn our class poem: Albert and the Lion. See the video in the link below. This is quite a long poem but already some of the children have memorised over half of it! Keep it up.



  • Homework goes out on Friday and is due back on Wednesday. I am available on Tuesday lunchtimes to help children who need help.
  • New spellings are given out on Monday and need to be practised at home using the look, cover, write, check method.
  • Children need to continue reading at home on a regular basis. We are seeing huge levels of progress from children who are listened to at home


Thank You


Mr Wignall

Yr5 teacher


We have been learning about the Christmas truce!

Welcome to Year 5!




My name is Mr Wignall and I am the year 5 teacher. Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Pye. I am looking forward to a fun and and highly productive year and hope that the children are raring to go. 




Christmas Truce

Still image for this video
We have used the Sainsbury's 2014 advert as inspiration for finding out more about what happened during the Christmas truce of 1914. The children have been making hard tack and have even spent an afternoon trying to attack each others trenches (not physically!). We quickly realised that neither team seemed to be winning with both teams scores heavily in the negative.

We hope you enjoy our performances.

Seven times table song.

Still image for this video
The new and improved seven times table song. This time with instruments!
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