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Friday 8th January 2021

Friday 8th January 2021

Miss Heys

Get Up and get dressed.

Make yourself some breakfast

Let’s Try Cosmic Kids Yoga

L.O. To summarise a text

  • Open up the attachment called ‘Guided Reading 8.1.2021’ and complete the activities.

Grammar – Word Classes

Over the next three days we will be revising Word Classes – Nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

L.O. To revise word classes – verbs and adverbs


  • Recap what is an adverb  – open the link below, watch the video and then complete the online quiz



  • Open up the English task attachment below and complete the activities.

Spelling Rule – the j sound

Using the definitions you looked up yesterday, write some sentences including this week’s spelling words.


Your new spellings this week are: jar, jam, gem, gentle, large, charge, badge, bridge, February, forward.

Click on the link to play a spelling game


White Rose Maths Revision

Let's see what you remember from last term.

Column subtraction

Complete the attached worksheet

LUNCH – Make yourself some yummy lunch!

Rocking Romans – Learning the songs

As our topic this term is the Romans.  Why don’t you sing along with any of the songs on the below web link.  It will also give you interesting information about the Romans too.


Use your Purple Mash log in from your reading record to log into your account. I have set a 2do task based on the coding we did last term. How much can you remember?


Tidy your bedroom


Read your reading book

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