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Week Commencing 22.02.21

Day Activity/Challenge Extra learning

See image 1 below. Talk with your child about a farm, what animals live there.

Can your child tell you the noises they make?

Sing Old McDonald had a farm.



Put a few animals (pictures will be fine) into a bag or pillowcase and describe the animal to your child -how many legs do they have, what colour are they etc, can they guess the animal? Let them have a go at describing.



Can your child give you a selected amount of animals e.g can they give you 3 animals? Line up animals can they count up to 5 or 10.


Mr. Tumble at the farm


Watch the video below of the story The Little Red Hen. 

Ask your child what makes a kind friend?

Where the animals kind to the hen in the story? 

Can you find anything in your kitchen cupboards that has wheat in it?


Sing Old McDonald had a farm but only say the beginning sound of the animal "Old McDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O and on that farm he had a P....." Can they identify the animal?



Put out 5 animals talk through them, then cover them up with a tea towel remove one. Can your child identify which one has gone?


Farm cosmic yoga


See image 2 - Tractors

Cut out the shapes of paper use coloured paper if you have it, if not your child could colour them in.

shapes needed- 2 rectangles, 2 big circles, 2 smaller circles and a square. Make an example tractor then give your child the shapes and allow them to assemble, please leave your child to do this by themselves, it does not matter if it is not right and don't forget to praise them! 


Fred talk (sound out) animals P-I-G, C-OW, H-E-N Can your child identify the animal?



Can your child name the shapes on the tractor?


Old McDonald


See the story map below have a go at following the actions.

Can you think of any more actions to match the story? What happens next?


memory game....Say the rhyme "One day I went to the farm and saw a....."

Take it in turns to say an animal how many can you remember in sequence?




Farmers and tractors at work

Friday See Image 3 below and discuss animals and their babies names also talk about where they live on the farm. 




Talk about how many legs an animal has and their features how many eyes do they have?


Animal songs


Image 2 

Image 1 - farm word mat

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