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Wednesday 13th January 2021


Wednesday 13th January 2021

Miss Heys

8:30 am

Get Up and get dressed.

Make yourself some breakfast

9:00 am

Find yourself a space and have a go at this morning workout for children. Make sure you have a drink ready!


Guided Reading

Tutankhamun’s Tomb

LO: To answer inference and summary questions.

Open the attachment below: Guided Reading WB. 11.1.21

Re-read the text with the title Wednesday.

Read through the text once in your head and once out loud.

Task 1: (Inference) Look at each of the questions. Read the question and choose the most appropriate answer to answer it. Write the answer in your workbook.

Task 2: (Summary) Look at the Tutankhamun’s Tomb text. How does the author make it easy for the reader to understand the text?



LO: To plan a conversation.

Main Teaching:

Open the attachment Wednesday 13.1.21 English

Read the information about conversations. Have a go at the recap questions and check your answers using the next page.

Task 1: Look at the pictures of the Brown Family. Use the skills that you have learnt this week to write a piece of speech for each character in the picture.

Task 2: Watch the video of ‘Snack Attack’ about the old woman and young boy.

Task 3: Open the attachment planning a conversation 13.1.21

For each character think of 6 pieces of speech that they would use in their conversation. Draw the character and write your speech in speech bubbles around them. You do not need to use your speech punctuation yet




Introduction of new rule






L.O: To add the prefix im to root words that begin with p or m


A prefix is a group of letters that comes at the beginning of a root word to make a new word.

Click on the spelling document below.


Click on the Spelling 13.1.21 document below and complete the activities.




LO: To use the multiplication (X) symbol

Starter: Complete the questions in your workbook.

1. Find the total of 352 and 247.

2. Subtract 59 from 592.

3. How many days are in a week?

4. 216 + 3 tens =

5. 438 – 227 =


Main Teaching: Open the video link below and click on the multiplication using the symbol video

Watch the video explaining all about the multiplication symbol.

Open the attachment Wednesday 13.1.21 Maths.

Complete the questions and then have a go at the challenge.



LUNCH – Make yourself some yummy lunch!


LO: To understand where Ancient Rome fits into the timeline.

        To identify the key skills of the Romans.

Play the video underneath: The Roman Timeline.

After the video answer the following questions in your workbook?

  1. Which people came before the Romans in Britain?
  2. What else was happening in the world at the same time as the beginning of Ancient Rome?
  3. Did the Romans only live in Rome? If not, where else did they live?

Watch the introduction video to the Romans by following this link

In your workbook, write down 5 things that you have learnt about the Romans.


What skills did the Romans have?

Read the information sheet Romans Lesson One to find out which skills the Romans had.

Task: Look at the images of Roman Mosaics, they represent parts of Roman life. Use the website to create your own Roman Mosaic.

In your pack is a sheet with squares on. Can you design another Roman mosaic to represent something in your own life?


Question to answer:

How was Roman art different to art in other times (eg Ancient Greece)?


Purple Mash

Have some fun by logging onto Purple Mash and choose an activity to support your learning

Life Skill


Can you tidy your bedroom?

Book Time

Read your reading book



The Roman Timeline.mp4

Still image for this video
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