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Thursday 28th January 2021


 Thursday 27th January 2021

Miss Heys

9:00 am

Join in with Zumba below.

Guided Reading

Romans on the Rampage

LO: To answer a variety of VIPERS questions.

Open the attachment Thursday 28th January Guided Reading.

Read the next part of our class novel and answer the questions using your VIPERS skills. Mark your work using the answer sheet. Send me your scores on Class Dojo.


LO: To use different sentence types in writing.

Open the video Thursday 28th January 2021 English.

Open the attachment below Thursday 28.1.21 English

Complete the task using the different sentence types that you have learnt this week.

Send me your work on Class Dojo!



Introduction of new rule







L.O: To use words with the suffix ‘ly’


We can add the suffix –ly to a root word to make an adverb.

If the root word ends in ‘y’ then we change the y to an ‘i’ before adding ‘ly’.

If the root word ends in ‘le’ then we change it to ‘ly’.

If the root word ends in ‘ic’ then add ‘ally’.



Open up the document spelling 28.1.21 below and complete the activity.


LO: To use the 8 times-tables

Starter: Complete the questions in your workbook.

1. Write 615 in words.

2. Calculate 593 – 240.

3. 28 divided by 4?

4. Find the total of 782 and 117.

5. I have 20 sweets and I share them with my 4 friends. How many will we all get?


Main Teaching:

Watch the video below where it explains how to use the 8 times-tables.

Open the attachment Maths 28.1.21

Complete the questions and then have a go at the challenge.


L.O: To understand that humans have skeletons and be able to name the bones from it

Watch the video below – Science – Animals including Humans lesson 3

Activity – cut out the skeleton pieces and then label them with the correct bone name.

Then decide if you think that bone is for protection, support or movement. You could always watch the video again below to help with this as it talks about each bone individually.

Purple Mash

Have some fun by logging onto Purple Mash and choose an activity to support your learning

Life Skill


Help to make some yummy lunch.

Book Time

Read your own book or listen to Mr Hicks read our Class Novel ‘Romans on the Rampage’


Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it

Thursday 28th January English.mp4

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L.O: To use 8 times-table

Watch the video below to learn how to use the 8 times-tables and then complete the worksheet.

Science - Animals including Humans lesson 3

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