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Monday 18th January 2021


Monday 18th January 2021

Miss Heys

8:30 am

Get Up and get dressed.

Make yourself some breakfast

9:00 am

Watch the Jo wicks video below and take part in a fun workout.

Guided Reading

Stuart Little

LO: To answer vocabulary and explanation questions.

Watch the video below Guided Reading 18th January showing how to answer these questions. Open the attachment Monday 18th January Guided Reading. Read the next section of the story and answer the questions that follow. When you have finished, use the answer sheet to mark your work. Send me your marks on Class Dojo!


 LO: To recognise clauses in a sentence.


Watch the video below (Monday 18.1.21 English) explaining the different clauses in a sentence.

Open the attachment (Monday 18th January English)

Task 1: Look at the sentences on Task 1. Choose two different coloured pencils. Underline the main clauses in one colour and the subordinate clauses in another clause.

Task 2: Look at the table on task two. For each sentence look at the part of the sentence that is underlined. Decide whether it is the subordinate or main clause. Look at the answer sheet attached to mark your answers. Send me your scores on Class Dojo!



Introduction of new rule






L.O: To add the suffix ‘-ous’ to a word


suffix is a letter or a group of letters that can be added to a word to change its meaning. Adding the suffix -ous turns a noun into an adjective. It means 'full of'.

If a root word ends in e, we drop the e before adding –ous.


Some words ending in –ous do not have a complete word as a root. For example enormous, jealous, tremendous


Can you add the ‘ous; suffix to each of the words below:

poison          mountain            peril

danger         nerve                venom

hazard         fame                ridicule




LO: To multiply by 3


Starter: Complete the questions in your workbook.

1. 2 x 8 =

2. What is the difference between 37 and 104?

3. 2 x 5 =

4. Compare using >, < or =      665 ____   605

5. 2 x 11 =


Main Teaching : Open the video link below and click on the video:

Watch the video explaining all about multiplying by 3.

Open the worksheet: Monday 18.1.21 Maths below.

Complete the questions and then have a go at the challenge.


LUNCH – Make yourself some yummy lunch!


L.O To reflect on the importance of having faith in God

  • Open up the Jesus the Teacher document 
  • Complete Task 1 Activity - Label inside a synagogue
  • Complete Task 2 Activity - The Shema and the Our Father


Purple Mash

Have some fun by logging onto Purple Mash and choose an activity to support your learning

Life Skill


Can you write a shopping list for this week’s shopping?

Book Time

Read your reading book or listen to Mr Hicks reading our class novel ‘Romans on the Rampage’, click on the link below



Today, as it is Monday, let's start the day with a Joe Wicks workout. It will wake you up from the weekend and get you ready for the day ahead.

PE With Joe

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