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Thursday 14th January 2021


Thursday 14th January

Mrs Newton

8:30 am

Get Up and get dressed.

Make yourself some breakfast

9:00 am

Find yourself a space and have a go at this morning workout for children. Make sure you have a drink ready!


Romans on the Rampage

LO: To answer retrieval and inference questions.

Open the attachment below: Guided Reading WB. 11.1.21

Re-read the text with the title Thursday.

Read through the text once in your head and once out loud.

Task 1: (Retrieval) Look at each question. Use the text to answer the question in your workbook.

Task 2: (Inference) Look at each question. Use clues from the text to answer each question in your workbook.


LO: To write a conversation.

Main Teaching:

Open the attachment Thursday 14.1.21 English

Complete the task on the first page by re-writing each piece of speech with the correct punctuation.

Task 1: Look at the conversation that you planned yesterday between the old woman and the young man.

Write out the conversation in your book using speech punctuation and speech verbs.

Task 2: Think about a conversation that you have had today. Write out that conversation using speech punctuation and speech verbs.

Remember to include:

  • Inverted commas
  • Speech verbs
  • Other punctuation



Recap of rule




LO: To add the prefix im- to root words beginning in m or p.


When a root word begins with an m or a p we must add the prefix ‘im-‘ to make the opposite word.


Look at the words below that we have practiced spelling this week. Write the words out in as many interesting ways as you can. EG:

  • Paint the words onto a piece of paper
  • Write them in the snow
  • Write them on a wall outside in chalk
  • Cut the letters to make the words out of a newspaper.










Send me a picture of your imaginative ways on writing your spellings on Class Dojo!




  LO: To use arrays

Starter: Complete the questions in your workbook.

1. 5 x 2 =

2. Subtract 47 from 281.

3. How many months are in a year?

4. 5 x 5 =

5. 438 + 227 =


Main Teaching: Open the video link below and click on the using  arrays video:

Watch the video where it explains how to use arrays – we have looked at these in class previously so you should recognise them.

Arrays help you to understand and calculate multiplication calculations.

Open the attachment Thursday 14.1.21 Maths

Complete the questions and then have a go at the challenge.



LUNCH – Make yourself some yummy lunch!


L.O: Toidentify the nutrition that humans need to survive 



Play the video underneath: Science – Animals including Humans 14.1.21 


After the video complete the healthy party plate activity. 

You need to look at all the food on the sheet and decide which ones should go onto the healthy party plate – remember it needs to be a healthy, balanced plate. 

Re-watch the video if you need reminding of what we should eat for a healthy balanced diet or look at the Eat Well plate picture below.  


Once you have decided what you want to put on your plate you can either cut out the pictures and stick them on the healthy eating plate or draw them onto it. 


Once you have done this look at the food on your plate and write down which food group each of the foods you have chosen comes from. 


Challenge – Can you write down which nutrients each of your chosen foods contain?


Life Skill


Learn how to iron your clothes *make sure you have an adult to help you*

Book Time

Take some time to relax and enjoy reading a book.


Science - Animals including Humans 14.1.21

Still image for this video
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