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Year 5 - Mr Wignall

Mr Wignall


Hello home learners!


In addition to the suggestions sent home in children's books I will be providing suggestions and links to resources and suggested children's activities.


Before 9am

Get up

Eat breakfast

Make your bed and tidy

Wash (especially your hands!)

Brush your teeth for at least 2 mins

9am – 9:45pm

Wake and shake up

Just dance (youtube)

Keepie uppies


9:45am -10am


Your choice!

10am – 11am

English and Maths

-Maths- work through one section of CPG book and answer questions.

- Complete a 5 a day challenge

-Watch a video on and write about it.

- complete a suggested activity


11am – 12:10pm

Get creative

Art, Designing, baking and cooking, singing, dancing, musical languages, learning a new language on

Coding in (to find our school search st josephs pr1)

12:10pm- 1pm


Help make it if you can. Then enjoy a break.

1pm -1:15pm


Learn to spell and find the meaning of 3 words from the year 5 spelling list on our class page.

1:15pm -1:45pm


Read some of your books from school.

1:45pm – 2pm


Your choice!

2pm – 3pm



History, French, Geography, R.E. and Science. At the moment we are learning about Anglo-Saxons in history and have done lots of work on materials in science so start there.


Reading resources in 31 languages Books in many languages POLISH books Audio books


Year 5 spelling list

accommodate accompany according achieve aggressive amateur ancient apparent appreciate attached available average awkward bargain bruise category cemetery committee communicate community competition conscience* conscious* controversy convenience correspond criticise (critic + ise) curiosity definite desperate determined develop dictionary disastrous

embarrass environment equip (–ped, –ment) especially exaggerate excellent existence explanation familiar foreign forty frequently government guarantee harass hindrance identity immediate(ly) individual interfere interrupt language leisure lightning marvellous mischievous muscle necessary neighbour nuisance occupy occur opportunity parliament

persuade physical prejudice privilege profession programme pronunciation queue recognise recommend relevant restaurant rhyme rhythm sacrifice secretary shoulder signature sincere(ly) soldier stomach sufficient suggest symbol system temperature thorough twelfth variety vegetable vehicle







Children would be looking at forces in school at this time. Please follow the link below for some information, videos and activities linked with forces



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