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Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to Reception's class page. We encourage positive attitudes towards learning and school life and we love to watch your child's individual achievements blossom, throughout the year. 

A main focus for Reception, this year, is Reading. You will hear all staff and children talk about reading daily. We have high expectations at our school and it is our goal to ensure your child is able to read before they leave Reception. Therefore, we expect your child to read at home every night to help give them the best start to their school life.

If you need to contact us for any reason, please don't hesitate to come and see somebody in our team. 


Miss Ostranica and Miss Walmsley


  • All children are expected to have a PE bag in school. School will provide a PE top. Please bring in shorts and pumps.

Reception will do PE on FRIDAY MORNINGS.


  • Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school with their name on
  • Please ensure your child brings a school bag to school every day with their reading book inside.
  • Please ensure your child is wearing correct uniform - jumpers, trousers / skirts / schools shoes. No trainers. Please label these items.



Here are some ideas for you to do at home with your child.


Days of the week/ Months of the year- Practise saying the days of the week and order of them each day, along with months of the year. This can be done by writing the date when completing homework, singing songs or just discussing the date each day. 


Name writing- Your child can practise writing their name everyday. Once they can spell their first name start to practise their surname too. 


Cooking- Let your child be more involved in cooking or baking. They can help you chop, mix and dish up. They could also write down and order the recipe. 


Maths-  This link will take you Top Marks counting games for reception children.


Songs- Please sing nursery rhymes with your child. Ask them what they have sang in school too. 

Good Morning Song for Kids (with lyrics) | The Singing Walrus

Good Morning Song

Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

Days of the week

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