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Week Commencing 01.03.21

Day Book/Activity

Discuss what a story is, how it is structured and what an author is.

Little Red Hen- After reading the story follow the link below to make yummy flatbread!


The Gruffalo- 

Draw your very own Gruffalo monster! Can you describe it?



Talk about how vegetables are good for us and where they grow.

Can you make your own supertato, using a potato?


Stick man -

Go on a walk in your local area or to your nearest park and collect stick, leaves and other natural materials to make your own stick man!


Monkey puzzle-

Can you name all the animals? Can you spot the rhyming words?

Paint a magic butterfly - paint a butterfly shape on one half of the paper with spots, stripes or shapes then fold the paper over onto the opposite side and watch what happens!! 


The adventures of Arthur and Rodney

Check out last video of the beautiful Rodney. We will keep you all updated in school.
A big thank you to Mrs. Parkinson for the videos!

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