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Remote Learning

Remote Learning 


Over the next 10 days I will be posting remote learning activities on this webpage. In addition to the activities in these packs children can:

  • read their reading book
  • practise the spellings that have been previously sent home
  • play the learning games following the links at the bottom of this webpage

Try your best and please contact me on Class Dojo if you have any worries or concerns. 


Mrs Newton


Below is a table of other activities you can do with your child to encourage their home learning. These activities do not involve screens as it is important that children take regular breaks from technology.



It is vital that children continue to practise their reading skills. The could read their school reading book, a book from home or a magazine. 

Encourage children to take about the text. You could ask them what they have learnt from the text or which bit they enjoyed the most and why? 


Times tables

Children could sing, say or write their times tables which is great practise. They could make a poster to show each times table. 




Children can look at and practise the spellings that have been sent home so far this year. They can look at them, spell them out loud, cover them up and try writing them down. 

You could even look out of the window, see what your child can see and ask them to spell the words that they can see. 



Children can practise their art, concentration and precision skills. Ask them to find an object in your house and do a sketch of it looking at the detail and shading of the objects. 


Maths/ Cookery

Children can practise their cooking and maths skills by helping an adult to cook or bake using scales to measure out the ingredients.



Children can look out of the window or at pictures of their local area. Which elements of it did God create for us? Why did he create them? What could we do to help keep God's world clean and beautiful? Children could write a song or a story or a poem as a reflection of these thoughts. 



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