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June- We are currently learning all about the functions of plants. So far we have looked at different plants closely and unpicked some to show us parts of the flower can’t always see,

2nd April- Today we talked about muscles. We have over 600 muscles in our body. They work with our bones to help us move. They contract and relax to help us with many tasks such as walking, picking objects up and even smiling. Today we put our muscles to the test by completing exercise, our muscles started to hurt after a while. The more you work you muscles the stronger they can be.

Friday 26th March- We looked at skeletons and discussed what we have them. They help us move and also protect our organs. We created some animal and human skeleton pictures. Miss even showed us some real Xrays. They were very interesting.

March 2019- Our new topic is Animals and skeletons. We have looked at grouping animals in to groups depending on what they eat. We have also grouped foods in to the different food groups.

05/02/19- Today we looked at how distance can effect the magnetic pull of a magnet.

January 15th- Today we started our new unit of Forces. We learned about friction by completing an experiment were we measured how much pull force we used to slide a shoe across different materials.

January- Today we looked at shadows and thought about how shadows are created. We had lots of fun making our shadow puppets in the dark. We learned that when you block the light a shadow is formed.

November- we discussed light and how it travels in straight lines. We looked at reflective surfaces and how they can help us see around corners.

6th November- Our new topic is Light and Shadow. Today we learned how we need light to see and without light there is complete darkness. We had an object at the bottom of a tube, we gradually added holes in the tube to let in more and more light until we could see the object. It took a long time and a lot of holes. This also helped us understand that light travels in straight lines.

October- We learned all about fossils, how they are formed and what we can learn from them. Then we created some of our own fossils just to see how much detail they can hold. We have learned a lot about prehistoric animals from fossils.

Monday 1st October- Today we created our own simple experiments. First we completed an experiment with skittles and then came up with our own investigations. We were wondering what makes the colour run, how we could make it happen faster and was it only skittles this happens to. So we tested other sweets too and also chnaged the temperature of the water.

Our topic for this term is rocks and fossils- we have looked at compared different types of rocks. We have also used chocolate bars as a way to distinguish between the three different types. Metamorphic, Igneous and sedimentary

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