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Homework will be set every Friday and will need to be returned by the following Thursday. Each week I will upload homework onto the class page. If the children have struggled to complete a piece off homework or cannot access the learning without technology we will offer a homework club every Thursday lunch time.


Homework needs to be completed in the children's yellow homework book and brought back to school by the following Thursday or uploaded onto class dojo. Please support your child where necessary but do not complete for them. All homework will be linked to learning in school therefore the children should be able to complete most without support.


Homework Tips


  • Show an interest in what your child is doing. By showing an interest you are communicating that you think school work is important and should be taken seriously. Check what needs to be done and look at their work afterwards, praising and making positive suggestions.


  • Provide your child with a calm, quiet space to compete work. If your child is easily distracted, you may wish to make this a public space within your house rather than their bedroom. Don’t let your child be distracted by TVs, phones or other devices.

  • Make completion of homework part of the household routine. If you have written work to complete too, try sitting down with your child and working alongside one another. This also teaches them that the requirement to complete tasks does not go away once we are grownups!


  • Be quietly supportive as your child completes homework, but don’t do it for them. Not only is this not supporting their learning, it also gives them the message that you can do it better because they are not good enough.


  • Ask your child to explain their work to you. What have they been learning, and what strategies have they been taught? Ask them to explain it to you as if they were the teacher and you were the pupil. 


  • Encourage daily reading right from the start. Studies have shown that reading with your child at home is the most effective way in which you can influence their attainment at school.


  • Break tasks up if this is how your child works better. For example, learn three spellings now, then three more this afternoon and the rest tomorrow.


  • Express high expectations for your child from an early age, in terms of their approach to learning and the effort they put in. They will most likely take their lead on amount, quality, effort and enjoyment from the expectations you have of them


  • Praise your child for homework completed. Try to praise the effort your child put in rather than the outcome. Use this approach also when asking about the results of spellings and tables tests – look for how your child is improving and whether they are able to learn from mistakes made. If your child can see the progress she or he is making, they’re much more likely to make further efforts in their work.


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