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Tuesday 9th February 2021


Tuesday 9th February 2021

Mrs Newton

8:30 am

Get Up and get dressed.

Make yourself some breakfast

9:00 am

Use the video below to complete the wake up exercises.  


A Roman Soldier’s Kit

LO: To answer retrieval and explanation questions

Watch the teaching video below Guided Reading 9.2.21

Open the attachment Tuesday 9th February Guided Reading. Read the text and answer the questions.

Mark your work using the answer sheet. Send me your scores on Class Dojo.


LO: To write a non-chronological report.

Re-read your non-chronological report plan from yesterday.

Watch the video below 9.2.21 English

Open the attachment Tuesday 9th February English

Task: Use the modelled writing in the video and the success criteria to write the first part of your non-chronological report.



Recap of new rule




 LO: To add –ation to verbs to change them to nouns.


When adding the suffix –ation to a verb it changes it to a noun. Most of the time we can just add –ation to the root word. But- if the root word ends in an ‘e’ we must drop the e before adding the suffix.

Spelling Practice

Follow the link Spelling Practice above to practice spelling each word.




LO: To divide 2-digits by 1-digit with an exchange

Starter: Complete the questions in your workbook.

1. Subtract 45 from 306.

2. 4 x 3 =

3. What day comes after Wednesday?

4. 5 x 8 =

5. 32 pens are grouped in fours. How many groups are there?


Watch the video below explaining all about relating calculations.

Open the attachment Maths 9.2.21.

Complete the questions and have a go at the challenge.


LUNCH – Make yourself some yummy lunch!

Exploring our talents

For all the wonderful children (and parents) that have worked so hard over the last couple of weeks, we have decided that this week you all deserve the afternoons free to discover a new talent.  You could perhaps: build something out of anything you can find in the house, bake a cake/biscuit, cook a meal for your family, paint or draw a picture or if you just feel like relaxing (afternoon sleep/watching a movie with popcorn). Just do it! Just have fun!


CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | African Savannah

9.2.21 Guided Reading.mp4

Still image for this video

9.2.21 English.mp4

Still image for this video

L.O: To divide 2-digits by 1 digit with an exchange

Watch the video below to learn how to divide 2-digits by 1-digit with an exchange and then complete the worksheet.
Do not forget to try the challenge questions.

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