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Have a look at the pictures below. Discuss what you can see in the picture. Ensure your child speaks in full sentences, try and use some describing words. Such as

" The busy elf is checking the nice list" 

" Santa is flying is fast reindeers"

" I can see lots of elves wearing green hats"


Now write a some simple sentences about the pictures or about Christmas time. 

Here are some examples;

The elf is happy. 

The elf has boots. 

Santa has a red hat. 

His red nose.

His red nose is bright. 

Remember your child can write words using their phonics knowledge. 

What sounds can your child hear? The first sound/ end sound or many sounds within each word?


Fred talk each word; r -e- d RED

Try and include some tricky words (from your blue book) within your writing.

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