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Hello and welcome to Reception A’s class page. 

Here you will find important information but also see some of the wonderful learning that takes place throughout the year.


My name is Miss. Ostranica and I am very excited to be teaching Reception A this year. 

We have been settling in to reception well, learning school routines and have had lots of chances to explore the continuous provision set up the class so far.


In reception we have a main focus of reading. It is important that a love of reading is shared at school but also at  home, this will help ensure children leave reception being able to read. We expect children to read at home everyday to help give them the best start to their school life. 


If if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to come and see me.

Miss. Ostranica and Miss. Walmsley 


key information.

- All children MUST read at home every day and their reading records must be signed.

- Children must have a PE kit in school, they will be kept in class and returned at the end of each term for a wash. These. Just include their PE T-shirt, pumps and shorts. 

- Reception PE takes place every Friday morning.

- Your Children must bring their school bag with them each day including the read reading book and signed reading record. 

- Homework will be set each Friday and must be complete and returned by the following Wednesday. 

- Please ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform each day- school top, jumper, pants/ skirt, and black school shoes. 

Here are some ideas for you to do at home with your child.


Days of the week/ Months of the year- Practice the days of the week and order of them each day, along with months of the year. This can be done by writing the date when completing homework, singing songs or just discussing the date each day. 


Name writing- Your child can practice writing their name everyday. Once they can spell their first name start to practice their surname too. 


Cooking- Let your child be more involved in cooking or baking. They can help you chop, mix and dish up. They could also write down and order the recipe. 


Maths-  This link will take you Top Marks counting games for reception children.


Child yoga- This is a great way to relax and be calm if your child starts to get restless. There are many yoga videos for children on YouTube. Here is a great breathing exercise video-


Songs- There are many songs we sing as much as possible in Reception. Here are some songs you could sing everyday. 


2D shape song-

3.D shape song

The big number song-

Days of the week-

months of the year-

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

This is a video to show how we teach the children at St Joseph's to write their letters.

ABC Phonics Song - UK Version

Lets help our kids distinguish the beginning sounds of each letter in the alphabet with the associated word and picture. A great way to sing and learn Phonics!

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