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Friday 15th January 2021


Friday 15th January

Mrs Newton

8:30 am

Get Up and get dressed.

Make yourself some breakfast

9:00 am

Find yourself a space and have a go at this morning workout for children. Make sure you have a drink ready!



LO: To use neat, joined handwriting.


Open the attachment 15.1.21 Handwriting below.

Task 1: In your workbook write each word using the joins shown on the sheet. Look carefully at the size of each letter.

Task 2: Think about the meaning of each word. Choose 5 of the words and put them in a sentence of your own.


Capital letters and full stops

Don’t join your capital letters

Your words should be spaced evenly.


LO: To edit a conversation

Main Teaching:

Good writers always edit their work. Edit means to look at what you have written and improve it (make it better). No piece of writing is perfect the first time you do it!

Open the attachment Friday 15.1.21 English

Task 1: Look at the pieces of speech written on each line. There is a mistake in each one. Re-write each one correctly using the speech punctuation.

Task 2: Look back at the conversation that you wrote yesterday. Use a different coloured pen to edit it using the list on the attachment.

Challenge: Write it out again correctly and neatly, decorating it and presenting it nicely.



Recap of rule




LO: To add the prefix im- to root words beginning in m or p.


When a root word begins with an m or a p we must add the prefix ‘im-‘ to make the opposite word.


Online Spelling Test

Click on the link Online Spelling Test to see how many of the words you can spell without seeing the word.

Write out any words that you got incorrect.




  LO: To use arrays to reason and problem solve

Starter: Complete the questions in your workbook.

1. 10 x 3 =

2. Add 509 and 165 together.

3. 10 x ___ = 100

4. 10 x 5 =

5. Annie scores 342 points on a game. Dexter scores 7 fewer points than Annie.

How many points does Dexter have?


Main Teaching: Open the video link below and re-watch the using  arrays video:

Today we will be focusing on using what we know about arrays to help us to reason and problem solve. Remember read the question carefully and think about what is asking you.

Complete the questions and then have a go at the challenge.


Open the attachment Friday 15.1.21 Maths



LUNCH – Make yourself some yummy lunch!



L.O: To learn about pointillism and explore the work of Georges Seurat 

This half term we are learning all about Pointillism and the famous pointillism artist Georges Seurat.  

Read the Georges Seurat fact file in the ‘Art 15.1.21’ document below and then click on the following link to learn what pointillism is.

Once you have done this, I would like you to make a poster about Georges Seurat containing your favourite facts about him. Make sure you also draw a picture of him on the poster.  

Can you also write your own definition of what pointillism is and include it on your poster? 

You could even look Georges Seurat up on Google and find out some of your own facts about him to put on your poster. 

Please make sure you send a picture of your finished poster on Class Dojo as I would love to see them.  


Story Time

Story time with Mr Hicks

Follow the link to listen to Mr Hicks read the first part of our class novel Romans on the Rampage.

Life Skill


Use a recipe to bake a cake. *must be done with adult support*

Book Time

Take some time to relax and enjoy reading a book.

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