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Week commencing 11.01.21

Hello, Our topic for the next 3 weeks is Goldilocks and the 3 bears, the majority of our challenges and activities will be based around this story. Each day starts with singing our days of the week song and discussing the weather. A demonstration video will be added to our main page.


Day Activity/Challenge Extra learning
Monday Make a den using different materials around your home a chair, clothes maiden, couch, bedding sheets, duvets, pegs, cushions, towels, blankets etc Set up a teddy bears picnic inside can you find 3 different sized teddies/dolls/figures, 3 different sized bowls and spoons. Discuss their sizes which one is the biggest? Can you put them in size order?. Join in your child's picnic encouraging them to speak in full sentences and turn take. Send me a picture on class dojo!



Can you dress yourself today? What do you need?.


Watch the 'crime scene' video below discuss and ask questions such as "What has happened?, who could of done this?, How are the bears going to feel?. Encourage your child to speak in full sentences and allow them time to think and answer. 

Make a note of what your child says or video their reactions and send them to me on dojo! I will put their answers onto a speech bubble and display them in class.



Try and put on your coat by yourself and fasten it up.

Wednesday Make a goldilocks or bears mask, provide a variety of materials you have at home for your child to choose. here are some ideas cardboard, paper, cereal boxes, empty food boxes, pens, pencils, milk carton lids, coloured paper, cut up cloths/sponges, string. Talk to your child about facial features "What shape is your head?", "how many eyes do we have?". Once your child has drawn their mask help them to cut it out and use a stick, pencil, straw or anything you have in the house to create a stick at the bottom so you can hold your mask. 

Join in with Joe wicks p.e lesson on youtube.


Can you wash and dry your hands yourself?.

Thursday With the help your child together find 2 spoons and 2 dishes different sizes a set of keys and a teddy discuss each item  then ask your child to cover their eyes or wait outside the room and remove one item away can you guess which item has gone? allow your child to have a go too! If they find this easy add more items.


Try something new to eat or drink today. Did you like it? was it sour? was it chewy?.


Have a recap of the story. Are you enjoying it? What might happen next?.


Can you draw the bears cottage? Think about and discuss the shapes of the windows, doors. Think about the different materials we use to build a house ,what rooms do we have inside our houses. Send me a picture of your houses on dojo!


Try and get some fresh air, do you have a bike or a scooter? Can you jump, hop, skip? If it is a rainy day put on some music and dance!


Days of the week and weather

Please watch this video every day and encourage your child to join in. Please discuss the next day with your child.

Adventures of Arthur

Follow Mrs. Parkinson and the beautiful Arthur and Rodney for lots of adventures and tips on how to care for horses.

'Crime scene'

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