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Friday 29/01/21

Friday 29th January Phonics Lesson

Handwriting Practice

English lesson 5

Counting by 2s

Friday Maths LO: To count in 2s



Introduce the topic of feeling safe with some key questions:

  • When do you feel safe?
  • Where do you feel safe?
  • Who makes you feel safe?
  • Are there ever any situations where we feel unsafe? 

When we feel unsafe, uncomfortable about something or worried, nervous or frightened how does our body tell us that?


Complete activity sheet below.


Share some of the ways that they would keep safe in different scenarios. 

Which of those scenarios were most unsafe? Are there any other places or situations that would be very unsafe (e.g. playing near a canal)

Where are safe places to go in school? Are there any places that may be unsafe and we should avoid unless with an adult?


Finally, talk about the special people whose job it is to help us feel safe - this can include: 

  • Family members
  • Teachers
  • Police officers
  • Road crossing patrol officers
  • Sales Assistants in shops (if children are lost). Talk about how the children would know how to recognised these people (e.g. uniform, at the tills etc.)

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