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The day the chairs quit! Today, the children arrived to find that the chairs had resigned. The children had to write a persuasive letter back to them to convince them to come back. The children children only got their chair back when their letter was convinving enough.

This Half Term, we are looking at Folktales. The children did some role play as the Pied Piper and the Mayor of Hamelin. The children developed characterisation within dialogue. Ask your child what their character was like and why.

Breaking news. Mr Jim visited our classroom so we could interview him about the mysterious discovery at St Joseph’s Primary School. As we are newspaper reporters, we needed to interview the person who made the discovery so we could write our newspaper report. Ask your child what we found out and how we intend on using this information in our newspaper report.

The children have been looking at effectively editing and improving their work. We set up edit stations where the children concentrated on certain areas of their writing. Ask your child what impressed cements they made.

Caitlyn wrote her own version of the Canal warning story. She has shown great progress with this piece of writing, using vocabulary and different sentence types to create an atmosphere within her short story. This is an independent write that is a wonderful read.

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