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3.2.2023 - Poetry Challenge Winners!

Well done, everyone! We had some amazing competitors but our hard work and practise paid off! Here are your 2023 SJPS Poetry Challenge winners:




2.2.23 - Science Investigation: Evaporation 

Year 4 has been swimming this term and we have had a problem drying our towels and other swimming kit. To help decided what is the best way to dry our towels we have conducted an investigation. Follow the links to discover how we conducted our investigation and our recommendations for drying your towels quickly.


The Investigation

Our Recommendations

31.1.23 - Library Time

Today we visited the new school library for the first time. The children had an amazing time picking out their first books!



25.1.23 - Visit from Mr Egypt

20.01.23 - The Best of the Non-Chronological Reports

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