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June- Mystery stories. We have been looking at a story called the Manor House, it is quite a spooky mystery story. We thought closely about the main character Lara, and what the mystery of the Manor House is. We completed role play to add speech to the story. Then we have innovated the plot and created our versions of the story.

7th May- We have been looking at persuasive letters, today we completed research to see what healthy and unhealthy meal deals supermarkets offer. We feel like there should be much healthier options for lunch time meals and less sugary snacks and drinks available.

3rd April- We have been looking at Biographies. We are going to write our own biography for Sir Tom Finney, as he was born in Preston and played football for PNE. We have been completing some research on the IPads to find out as much information about him as we can.

March- We are looking at folk tales. We have been concentrating on the story of the Pied Piper. We have learned the story in the Talk 4 writing style. Here are some pictures of freeze frames. We thought about each characters thoughts, feelings and actions.

World book day- we used our imagination to create our own stories based upon the characters we are dressed as. Here are some freeze frames from our stories. Such as a borrower trying to steal Charlieā€™s golden ticket.

We enjoy getting the chance to have some silent reading in class. We can pick a book from the reading corner, we also discuss what we have read with our peers thinking about characters, the main events or what we think might happen next. We can learn lots from reading and should be reading at home each day. We can learn new vocabulary, develop our imagination and expand our creative writing skills.

16th January- We have been reading The Iron Man story and using it within our English unit all about Newspapers. Today we thought about an eye witness, we completed some role play interviews. One of us was the eye witness and one of us was the newspaper reporter.

10th December- Our dragon egg has hatched! We have a baby dragon in class. Today we created a character description for dragons. We have been looking at non- chronological reports and learning facts about dragons

22nd November- We created some freeze frames for scenes in The Canal story. We thought about the characters thoughts, feelings and actions and if they changed throughout the story.

9th November- Our new unit is all about Warning stories, we have been reading The canal by Pie Corbett, we have been using Talk 4 writing actions to help us remember the story. Today we used our senses to describe the canal and then wrote some great setting descriptions.

Week beginning 29th October- Our English unit this week was all about instructions. We picked out key features of instructions, followed instructions to create popcorn cones and then wrote our own set of instructions including lots of time conjunctions and bossy verbs.

Week beginning1st October- we started writing our own versions of the Stone Age boy. We have wrote a little but each day, including speech, noun phrases and put our synonym display to good use. If we try really hard and include lots of writing skills then we get to use a special writing pencilšŸ¤£

Thursday 25th September- Today we created some freeze frames for different parts of the Stone Age boy story. This will help us think about what the characters are thinking and feeling as we consider body language and facial expressions.

We have been looking at the Stone Age boy story. We have written character descriptions, role played a conversation between characters and used a dictionary to find the meaning of words we did not understand. 
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