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Friday 05.02.21

05 02 21 Newspaper TFW To edit and improve a text

Tom Palmer Creative Writing Tips : How to edit a short piece of writing

Year 6 Maths - Forumlae

This is "Spr6.5.5 - Forumlae" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Mr Kay's challenge

05.02.21 YEAR 5 maths

Part 2

05.02.21 SPANISH (Phonics)

Computing - Game Creator - Session 4


We will be using the 2DIY 3D app in Purple Mash to design and build our own 3D game.


The objective for this week is to finish and share the game.

  • Make your game more unique by selecting the appropriate options to maximise playability.
  • Write clear instructions for your game so that other people can play it.
  • Share your game using 2Blog.


Get started by clicking the image below and watching Mr Gaughan's tutorial video.



Mr Kay reading Who Let The Gods Out chapter 13

Baking biscuits with Mr Kay

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