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Wednesday 6th January 2021


Wednesday 6th January 2021

Miss Heys and Mrs Beg

8:30 am

Get Up and get dressed.

Make yourself some breakfast

9:00 am

Let’s Try Cosmic Kids Yoga



Mr Majeika

L.O. To retrieve and infer answers from a text

  • Open up the attachment called Mr Majeika Comprehension.
  • Answer the questions in your workbook.


Grammar – Word Classes

Over the next two days we will be revising Word Classes – Nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

L.O. To revise word classes – nouns

  • Recap what is a noun – open the link below, watch the video and then complete the online quiz

  • Open up the English task attachment below and complete the activities.



Introduction of new rule





Spelling Rule – the j sound

The ‘j’ sound can be spelt in lots of different ways.

j – always comes before a, o and u.

g – is a soft j and comes before e, i or y.

ge – is at the end of words

dge – is at the end of a word after the short vowel sound a,e,i,o or u.


Your new spellings this week are: jar, jam, gem, gentle, large, charge, badge, bridge, February, forward.

Click the link to practise this weeks spellings.




White Rose Maths Revision

Let's see what you remember!

Number and Place Value

Numbers to 1000

10 and 100 more or less than a number

Representing numbers on a number line


3-digit numbers

  • Complete the attached worksheet


LUNCH – Make yourself some yummy lunch!


Draw with Rob

Do you want to learn how to draw a cartoon alligator, snowman, bird, monkey or an alien?

Well open the link below and follow his simple step by step instructions.  Maybe you can even draw a few different ones.

Life Skill


Vacuum or brush the floors in your house

Book Time

Read your own book

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