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24.2.23 - Who helps us keep healthy and safe

Today we looked at the people at school and in the community who have a duty to keep us healthy and safe. We discussed their duties and how we could help them to help us.



17.2.23 - How Dare You!

Today we looked at strategies to handle situations where people dare us to do something dangerous, risky or uncomfortable. We role played some situations to practise how to keep ourselves safe. Here are are strategies:

  • Tell your friend to do it themselves
  • Say no
  • Explain the possible consequences
  • Keep repeating (the reason why you won't do it)
  • Be firm, look them in the eye and speak clearly (assertiveness)


6.2.2023 - Mental Health Week

This week is mental health week. If you want to learn more about what you can do to look after your mental health click on the link below!


Mental Health

2.3.23 - Dangers, Hazards and Risks

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