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School Uniforms



The school uniform gives our children a sense of shared identity and helps them look smart and tidy. The uniform consists of:

  • Blue school sweat shirt with the school logo (They can be purchased from any uniform shop listed below)
  • Pale blue polo shirt (These can be purchased from any shop – the supermarkets are usually good value for money.)
  • Grey school trousers, skirt or pinafore dress (Can be purchased from any shop.)
  • Grey socks – boys, grey or white socks or tights – girls
  • Black school shoes – these must be plain black. If the shoes have laces these should also be black. Girls’ shoes must be full shoes, and not have heels above 1.5 cm. Try to avoid slip on ballerina style shoes as these are not very practical for school; they tend to slip off when girls are playing out.  (Children in Y3 to Y6 may bring trainers to school to change into at lunchtime for playing football etc.)

Children who do not wear the correct school uniform shoes will be provided with a pair of black PE pumps to change into during the school day

ALL hair accessories should be ROYAL BLUE to match school colour, 

Hajib's should be plain black.


PE Kit

All children should have a bag containing their PE kit. This should be kept in school during the term. It can come home at half-term for washing. The PE kit requirements are shown below:

  • house coloured  T-shirt- available from Bang Bang £4
  • Black or navy blue shorts
  • Black PE pumps
  • Trainers for outdoor sports/competition. 


Jewellery, Hair and Nails

  • Children may wear a watch
  • If earrings are worn they should be small studs and only one ear-ring in each earlobe. Earrings must be removed for PE. If your child cannot remove their own earrings they should not wear them on PE days.
  • Nail polish and/or false nails are not allowed.
  • Long hair should be tied back.  Short hair should not have any shaved-in lines or motifs. Extreme haircuts are not allowed. 



Your child will need a blue book bag. Please bring this to school every day and check daily for any letters.




Please write your child’s name in each item of clothing.


Uniform can be purchased at :


Bang Bang

91 Lancaster Road




Top One Uniforms

39 St John's Centre (opposite bus station)




Smart Schoolwear LTD

54 Lancaster Road











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