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Week Commening 06.01.21



Phonics - Singing nursery rhymes Baa baa black sheep, Twinkle twinkle little star, Happy and you know it. Can you think of any more? which is your favourite?


Topic - Talk about the weather today asking questions "Is it cold today, what do we need to wear to keep warm?"


Maths -  Count the steps as you climb upstairs


Phonics - On your daily walk or in your garden/yard  listen to the sounds outside what can you hear? make a list or draw pictures.



Topic -  On your daily walk or in your garden/yard collect natural materials talking about their textures, colour and size.



Maths - Can you find 3 different sized leaves or twigs? Which is the biggest/smallest?


Phonics - Using a metal and a wooden spoon tap it on various surfaces do they sound different or the same? Are they louder on some surfaces?.


Topic- Use your matreials from yesterday to make a collage or picture, send us a picture on dojo!



RE- discuss the Nativity story and the real meaning of Christmas.

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