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UV Dodgeball to kick start our sports week

PEOPLE IN ACTION: Our 3d art project involved drawing figures in action shots and then recreating these using 3d materials. For our final pieces we used a combination of wire, tin foil and mod roc to create a Greek statue of one of the Olympians

DT Fairgrounds: Learning about gears and pulleys to help us make a moving fairground

SCIENCE DAY: We enjoyed being forensics for the day solving the crime. We also looked at different structures and made our own bridges.

Geography: L.O: To know how different types of mountains are formed

Our DT project: To design and make a chocolate gift suitable for a stocking filler for a chosen target audience.

Reflecting on our class worship based on Remembrance Day

Student Council elections. We had lots of strong candidates put themselves forward. Voting takes place on Monday

Learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colours in our art lesson

Being architects: discovering information about the Mayan Tribes using artefacts.

Learning about where ‘The Maya’ fit on our historical timeline.

What a brilliant way to start our Mayan history unit. We enjoyed making a traditional Mayan hot chocolate and learning how to play a traditional Mayan sport

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