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Monday 25/1/21

Monday 25th January Phonics Lesson

Handwriting Practice

English Lesson - Warm up

Look what we found today in our classroom!

Monday English Lesson 1

Maths warm up

Monday Maths LO: To order numbers

Afternoon Lesson: RE

LO:  To know that we should always remember to thank Jesus for his help


Think of all the things that happen every day that you want to say ‘thank you’ to somebody for doing. How do we feel when somebody thanks us? What does it feel like when we have helped somebody else?


Listen the story ‘The Ten Lepers’


The people knew they had to keep away from people because it would spread – they knew this even when they went to see Jesus.

How do you think Jesus felt when he knew only one of them went back to thank him?

Let us think about all that Jesus gives us.



Create a thank you card for somebody who help us.

Examples: Mr Jim for cleaning school, teachers, parents, kitchen staff.


Extension:  Create a ‘thank you’ prayer to Jesus for all things he has done for you. 

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