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June- We have been looking at different maps in order to compare the land use and human geography of Preston and Windermere in the Lake District. It was interesting to see the difference between how many schools and churches there are. There are over 20 places of worship in Preston. But there is so much more woodland in Windermere.

16th May- Today we started learning about the Lake District. First we found it on the map and looked at all the towns within the Lake District. Some of us in class have been Windmere on holiday.

May- We have learned lots about Preston in our topic. We are now going to start comparing Preston with the Lake District. We will start by looking at pictures of Preston and comparing them to pictures of the Lake District.

24th April- We looked at simple route maps. Miss. Ostranica drew one of the classroom and then we had to draw one of the playground. They are rather difficult as you have to be very precise.

13th March- Today we learned about past by looking at a picture taken at st. Joseph’s ten years ago. We went outside and took the same picture. We then compared each picture and wrote the similarities and differences.

Recently we have been completing lots of geography. We have been looking at different maps to of Preston. We have found our home addresses and created different routes to school. We also looked at a map from 1890 and compared it to a map from 2019. We saw lots changes and it showed us how much the population of Preston has increased.

16th January- Our new topic is called There is no place like home. Today we looked different maps. First we looked at the world map to find Europe and the United Kingdom. Then we found Lancashire and Preston on different maps. We also enjoyed looking on google maps we zoomed in on Preston starting from space.

December- We researched Roman clay pots, there where many different types with different uses. We decided to make our own, most of us chose to design fine ware, this was pottery that was used on special occasions such as birthdays. They were quite basic but usually had nice patterns on them. We practiced first with play doh and then we made ours out of clay.

November- Our new topic from now until Christmas is all about the Romans. We have looked at the roman expansion, roman soldiers and today we looked at, designed and created our own Roman mosaic tiles.

October- we completed a rock and roll dance to rock around the clock. We had so much fun learning this routine.

11th October- we learned all about Stonehenge. We had lots of interesting questions that we wish we could be answered. Such as What was Stonehenge made for? We made models of stone henge.

Our topic for the autumn term is From the Stone Age to the Romans. We have already completed geography, history and art sessions. We have created our own mud huts just like early humans would have lived in. We have also created our own cave paintings by researching and looking at the many found in caves within France.

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