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Year 5/6 Mrs Newton

Mrs Newton


Welcome to Year 5/6!

We have been working exceptionally hard in Year 5/6 this term to develop our skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Year 5 have been working with Miss Hansen this term. They been using the Amazon Rainforest as a stimulus for writing to create some exciting- and sometimes nerve wracking- adventure stories. Children have been building on and securing their knowledge of fractions, calculation and time problems. 


A huge WELL DONE to our Year Six children, who have now completed all of their SATs tests. You have worked extremely hard. We will now be extending our learning through project work- starting with exploring the Amazon Rainforest. Children will be creating their own mini project around this topic using English, Maths, Art, Science and DT skills. 


All children must be reading regularly at home to support their learning in class. 

Many thanks for your support,

Mrs Newton. 



In Year 5/6 we LOVE to read! Some of our favourite authors include Roald Dahl, David Walliams, Jacqueline Wilson and Michael Morpurgo. The children loved making WANTED posters for our class novel 'The Demon Dentist'. 


Share our experiences!


Over the last few weeks, the Year 6 children have been participating in Military training. They have begun their training by learning about the art of camouflage. In the next few weeks they will be experiencing some of the training routines used by members of the military. 

Our Year 5 children are very excited to share their experience on the farm as a reward for their fantastic behaviour in PE this half term. With the help of Miss Bell and Mrs LaRocque, the children were able to groom and ride horses. They also experienced having lunch in a barn, jumping over show jumps and bouncing on a trampoline. Ask them what their favourite part of the day was!
We are so grateful to the parents and families that joined us for our Remembrance assembly in November, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

What are we learning?

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