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Monday 26/02/18- This week we are learning about multiplication and how we can group objects or draw arrays to help us find the answer.

Tuesday 6/02/18- This week we have been looking at capacity. We have measured using Mililitres and Litres, and compared and found different capacities.

Monday 29th January- Today we found fractions of amounts, we drew circles to share out counters. We had fun drawing on the tables... shh, don’t tell anyone🤐😊

Monday 22/01/18- Today we started to look at fractions. We made Fraction fruit salads, finding halves and quarters of fruit🍎🍐🥝🍓

4th December- we have been creating sorting diagrams, we looked at Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams.

Thursday 26th October- We have been busy this maths day. We tried some square based questions, created Spookley the square pumpkin and made some Mondrian square art pictures on the laptops.

Friday 20th October- Today we estimated different amounts of cubes. To finish we estimated how many cubes there were on our tables. Have a look on the picture see if you can estimate how many there was...there was OVER 200 on every table...

Wednesday 27th September- Today we went around the classroom and the play ground looking for different types of angles. Children found acute angles, obtuse angles and right angles.

Monday 25th September- Today we described 2d shapes. Then, we went on a 2d shape hunt in groups with Mrs. Parkinson.

Week beginning 18th September- On Wednesday we used numberlines to work out addition and subtraction number sentences.

Children have completed lots of maths this week. Here are some pictures of what we got up to. 
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