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Wednesday 24th February 2021


 Wednesday 24th February 2021

Miss Heys

9:00 am

Join in with P.E. with Joe below.

Guided Reading

Pugs of the Frozen North

LO: To answer retrieval and inference questions.

Watch the video below Guided Reading 24.2.21

Open the attachment Wednesday 24th February Guided Reading. Read the text and answer the questions.

Mark your work using the answer sheet. Send me your scores on Class Dojo



 LO: To plan a description of a setting.

Play the video 24.02.21 English explaining how to plan a description of the forest that Bilbo and Gandalf walk through.

Open the attachment Wednesday 24th February English.

Use the picture of Bilbo entering the cavern with the dragon. Around the picture, plan adjectives, noun phrases and adverbs for where to use in the descriptions.




Introduction of new rule




Words with the c sound spelt ch


Sometimes the c sound is spelt ch. It can come at the beginning, middle or end of a word.



Complete the spelling worksheet below.


LO: To understand the value of pounds and pence

Starter: Complete the questions in your workbook.

1. Find the product of 8 and 10.

2. How many hours are 2 days?

3. Add 5 tens to 58.

4. How many legs do 6 cats have?

5. 245 + 325 =


Watch the video below explaining the value of pounds and pence.

Open the attachment Maths 24.2.21.

Complete the questions and then have a go at the challenge.


Welcome to our new topic which is called 'Our European Neighbours'.

During this topic we will be looking at the other countries, apart from the United Kingdom, which together are called 'Europe'.

We will look at what makes them different to each other and some of the exciting things you could see if you visited them!

To begin our topic, look through the slide show below. After that, have a go at the worksheet I have attached! Good luck!



Purple Mash

Have some fun by logging onto Purple Mash and choose an activity to support your learning

Book Time

Read your own book or listen to David Walliams read one of his stories below.



PE With Joe 2021

24.2.21 Guided Reading.mp4

Still image for this video

24.2.21 English.mp4

Still image for this video

Maths - L.O: To understand the value of pounds and pence

Watch the video below that explains the value of pounds and pence and then complete the worksheet.

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