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Year 6 Pictures

In History, Year 6 have begun studying the Battle or Preston (1648) during the English Civil War. The children looked at the different reasons for the English Civil War and categorised them. After that, they decided which reason they thought was the main reason for someone to go to war over.Ask your child which reason they chose and why.

In DT, the children have been designing bird boxes. In addition, they have been developing the key skills to make a bird box. The children are excited to make a bird box and bring one home in time for spring.

Aaron presents his findings in Science.

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In Science, we tested different materials and how much electricity they conducted. To do this, we used data loggers to measure how bright a light bulb was with different materials inserted into a circuit.

In Art, Year 6 looked at sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy inspired by the great outdoors. We learnt the skill of weaving and then created our own designs.

In Science, we having been testing the properties of different materials. Ask your child what properties the different materials have.

For our second trip of the half-term, Year 6 visited the Museum of Lancashire. We learnt about life during the Blitz and the experiences of evacuees. Ask your child what they enjoyed the mist during the trip. We have lots more exciting and fact filled lessons on WWII coming up!

Inspired by British Sculptor - Andy Goldsworthy, Year 6 went to the park to collect materials to create their own art piece from natural materials. This also linked with our Science topic: materials and their properties. Why not try this yourself at home?

Performing an African Song on our Topic Day

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Printing Adinkra symbols to create African headdresses. The Ashanti people would use this technique to make their own clothes for special occasions

This week, the children have been dyeing clothes just like the Anglo Saxons did. In addition, we baked biscuits in DT. The children, who were star bakers, were given different design briefs for different customers.

A great piece of Science work from Zosia, who demonstrates a good understanding of the life cycle of a mammal.

A great start to Year 6. We’ve been working hard: cutting geraniums in Science, designing biscuits in DT and experiencing the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain.

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