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Key Stage 1 trip to Lancaster Judges Lodgings

In our topic learning we have been looking at the family tree of the Royal Family and the timeline of the monarchy and learning about the lives in the past and comparing them to our lives today. We have also been looking at different kinds of toys, wash days, traditional stories and homes. To celebrate the end of the topic we took all of KS1 on a school trip to the Judges Lodgings in Lancaster.

On the trip we explored different workshops. These included Parlour Games – Pupils looked at and considered the difference between Victorian rich and poor children's toys; Traditional Story Time – The children sat around a cosy fireside listening to traditional stories, learning rhymes and playing with toys; Toy Gallery – the children investigated how toys had changed through the ages and handle a range of toys from different time periods.

The children were all very respectful on our school trip. The staff from the Judges Lodgings even commented on how well behaved the children were. Well done children!

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