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Open day at St. Joseph's

The Open day on Friday 16 November, St Joseph’s was a buzz with people. It was our open day. ‘Past, Present and Future’ pupils were invited to come and visit our fantastic school and see what ‘goes on inside’. A welcome was made by the headteacher, Cath Monaghan informing our guests of what was in store for them. On tables in the school hall there were a plethora of photos, books, behaviour records from years gone by. The past pupils were fascinated and amazed when they found records of when they were baptised, had their First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Tours were taken by the school council across the whole school. Trumpet lessons, art lessons, science lessons, PE lessons were taking place so lots of interesting activities for them to see. They were amazed by our brilliant playground and the equipment we have.


The afternoon was a great success and will be repeated next year as many positive comments were received.
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