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Our new Topic is the Romans. We have been looking at Roman interior design and the use of Mosiacs. The children have designed their own pattern and made a Roman mosaic. Ask your child about their design.

In History, the children have been learning about Stonehenge. The children created their own versions using a variety of equipment. Ask your child what they learnt.

For our PHSE day, we looked at poverty and it’s causes, possible solutions and how CAFOD are using sport to develop skills to help people on poverty.

In Computing, we have been using PurpleMash to code programmes to repeat commands after a period of time. This week, we used the I pads for the first time.

Our Topic this term is The Stone Age to The a Romans. This week we created our own cave art based on historical evidence of early art. We used sticks to paint our pictures to tell a story.

Every Friday this half term, a member of the Preston North End Community team will be coming in and helping the children develop their leadership skills. This week, we looked at poor leadership and role played being a poor leader.

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