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Our new topic in Science is ‘Forces and Magnets.’ This week, we looked at Friction. We measured how many Newton’s it took to move our shoe across a surface, the more Newton’s, the more Friction the surface created.

The children learnt about transparent, translucent and opaque objects. They classified different materials into these three groups. Ask your child if they can find transparent, translucent and opaque objects at home.

The children have been investigating reflective surfaces. Ask your child what they learnt about reflective surfaces.

Our new topic is Light. I told the children that you need light to see. The class challenged this and tested if this was correct. Ask your child what they learnt from the test.

The children have been completing observations in Science and asking questions about what they saw. The children predicted what would happen if we put sweets in water. We then asked question after the observation. Ask your child what happened and why.

We have been testing the properties of rocks. We tested different rocks durability and permeability. Ask your child what durable and permeable mean.

Our topic in Science is Rocks. We looked at the different types of rocks and how they are formed. Ask your child what types of rocks there are and how they are formed.

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