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Good morning, I hope all children and families are safe and well. 

As promised, I will update this page every morning with different tasks for the children to complete. In addition to this, they have their CGP revision guides and a few tasks in the front of their red books (including the year 5/6 spelling words).

On a daily basis, I will also post either:

  • a new skills for children to learn
  • a puzzle for them to complete
  • a new word for them to learn and understand

Any queries can be answered on Class Dojo.

Stay safe,

Mrs Newton

Monday 30th March 2020

Welcome to week 2 of home learning! It is great that so many of you are completing the activities and showing me what you have done!


Task One: 

Joe Wicks PE. Search Joe Wicks on YouTube and complete the workout. 


Task Two: English. Log into Purple Mash (Your login should be on the first page of your red book). Complete the tasks set as 2 do. One spelling and one grammar task.


Task Three: Maths. Look in your revision guide at the finding missing angles page. Complete the worksheet attached, finding the missing angles on a straight line. 



Task 4:

Sutton Hoo was a very important place when studying the Anglo Saxons. Research Sutton Hoo and find out:

  • Where it is
  • Why it is so important when studying the Anglo Saxons
  • What interesting artefacts were found there

Vocabulary challenge 

Word: devoured 

What does it mean?

Which word class is it?

Use it in a sentence.

Find a trick to help you spell the word 

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Task 1: Joe Wicks PE workout 


Task 2: Purple Mash Grammar and Spelling activities. Log in and check your 2 DO list!


Task 3: Purple Mash Maths shape and angles activity. Log in and check your 2 DO list!


Task 4: follow the link and look at the daily image. Write a description of the image. Try to include as many of the Year 5/6 words that are stuck in your red book as you can! Extra challenge: can you use some parenthesis (brackets or dashes) in your writing. 

Eg: The bees- the largest of their kind- hovered clumsily around the queen, who showed great confidence in them. 


Daily Sudoku challenge

Wednesday 1st April

Task 1: Joe Wicks PE.


Task 2: Maths 

Log into your Purple Mash account and complete the task about angles. 


Task 3: English

Log onto your Purple Mash account and complete the spelling and grammar task. 


Task 4: Writing 

Look at the image below. Write a conversation that the animals in the image would be having. Try to make it interesting by explaining what the animals are doing whilst they are talking. Don't have a long page of just speech!

Picture 1

Daily Vocabulary Challenge:

Word: dwindle 

What is its meaning? 

What class of word is it?

Can you use the word in a sentence?

Write a short poem to help you to remember to spell the word. 

Thursday 2nd April 


Task 1: Joe Wicks- complete then design a programme of 20 exercises that you can do at home. Try it out in your garden or in a space at home. 


Task 2: Purple Mash- English

Complete the spelling and grammar tasks on your 2DO list. A HUGE well done to those children who have completed all of the ones so far! laugh


Task 3: Purple Mash- Maths 

Complete the angles activity on Purple Mash. Take a look in your revision guide at anything that you have struggled with so far this week. A HUGE well done to those children who have completed all of the ones so far! laugh


Task 4: History.

Use the link to find out more interesting facts about the Anglo-Saxons. Read the information and create a poster using your favourite 6 facts. 


Daily Sudoku challenge




Friday 3rd April


As it is the last school day before Easter I have set a range of Easter Themed tasks!

Task 1: Joe Wicks on Youtube


Task 2: Maths

Below is a document named Easter Challenges. Have a go at these Easter themed maths problems.

The Answers are below, use them to check your answers once you have finished. 


Task 3:

Watch the video about the stations of the cross. Choose one of the stations and design an image that could be displayed in Church to show this station.


Task 4: Design your perfect Easter Egg.


Task 5: Write an Easter themed poem- it can be anything you like! 


Have a fantastic 2 weeks Easter Holiday! Try to learn a new skill or do something together. Bake a cake, do some painting, dance, sing and play games. Stay safe, stay at home.

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