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Year 3/4 - Mr Hicks

Mr Hicks

Hello Year 3/4,

I hope you're all well. Have a look at the timetable for your days. It is important for you AND your parents to have a daily routine and VERY important for you to keep up with your learning. Keep those brains active!!laugh 

Before 9.00 am  

Wake up.

Make your bed (mums and dads need help!)

Have some breakfast.

Clean your teeth carefully.


Get some exercise.

(Try Joe Wicks' daily workout on you tube)

Just Dance



Work through the CPG books and use some of the website links below.


Use some of the links. The spellings will be update regularly. Learn them and get some one to test you! Record your scores.

11.00-12.00 Chill out. You've earned it!  
12.00-12.45 Lunch  
12.45-2.00 Have a go at one of the activities on the topic homework sheet.  
2.00-2.30  Reading. Read one of your books or follow one of the reading kinks below.  
2.30-3.00 Play one of the games in the 'Game Gal' weblink below.  



New Topic Homework
Maths Links
Games to share with family.
Curriculum Overview
Spelling homework links. 
Other useful links
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