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Year 1 - Mrs Barraclough

Mrs Barraclough

Welcome to the Year 1 Class page.


I will be using this class page to set tasks and activities for your child to complete whilst school is closed.  This will be changed and added to regularly so please keep checking.


Please can I ask that all parents please sign up to Class Dojo.  This is a brilliant tool for me to send out messages and a way in which you can ask me questions if you need to.  It is also an easy way of sending me photos of your child's work if they complete a creative activity.


Thank you 

Mrs Barraclough

Above is the list of Year 1 spellings.  Please can you spend 10 minutes a day beginning to learn how to spell all of these words.  Practise writing them down, maybe using different colours or maybe making letter cards and then using these to build up the words or maybe even using playdough to spell the words.  Have you any other ideas?-let me know on Class Dojo.

Home Learning-Tuesday 31th March 2020.

Daily Workout with Joe Wicks at 9am                                         


Daily phonics lesson.                           Keep practicing your phonics sounds each day to help with your reading.  These 

Set 2 Speed sounds at 10am               live videos will only be available at the times shown.

Set 3 Speed sounds at 10.30am

English       a) Read a reading book from your pack to an adult and discuss what happens in the book. 

Thursday  Add today's weather to your weather chart.  Now look at a different country's weather.  Is it the same as our weather or not?  What about the temperature?  Find this country on a map, is it near to our country or a long way away?

Look at the picture at  Can you write some sentences about the picture.  Can you describe the tree?  The magic tree can take you wherever you want to go.  Where would you go?  What is it like?-use adjectives.  Why would you go there?  Can you draw a picture of what it is like?

Maths     Can you practise writing your numbers today.  Start at 0 and see how far you can go.  Write the numbers in your black book, make sure you take care to make your numbers neat and write your numbers the right way around.

Today I want you to think about months of the year, Watch the months of the year video at  Listen to it a few times and try to sing along to learn the months of the year and the order in which they come.  Now can you have a go at p55 in your blue Maths book.  Have a look on Topmarks Maths and choose a game that you would like to have a go at.

Topic It is time to get creative again.  Ask your adult if you can raid the recycling because I want you try and make a 3D model of your favourite animal.  Can you try to paint/colour the animal or maybe stick things onto the animal to decorate.  Try to send me a photo of your creation to brighten my day- I am going to give you a few days to make this so don't rush, use your imagination!

If you have finished this and want an extra idea-have a go at making an animal puppet-you could draw, cut and stick an animal onto a lolly stick or could you use an old sock to make a puppet, or have you got another idea?  Remember to send me photos of your finished animals or puppets.


Today please show your adult some of your best yoga moves by choosing a yoga routine of your choice at  Enjoy!



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