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Mrs Barraclough

Welcome to the Year 1 Class page.


I will be using this class page to set tasks and activities for your child to complete whilst school is closed.  This will be changed and added to regularly so please keep checking.


Please can I ask that all parents please sign up to Class Dojo.  This is a brilliant tool for me to send out messages and a way in which you can ask me questions if you need to.  It is also an easy way of sending me photos of your child's work if they complete a creative activity.


Thank you 

Mrs Barraclough

Above is the list of Year 1 spellings.  Please can you spend 10 minutes a day beginning to learn how to spell all of these words.  Practise writing them down, maybe using different colours or maybe making letter cards and then using these to build up the words or maybe even using playdough to spell the words.  Have you any other ideas?-let me know on Class Dojo.

I hope that you have had a lovely half term and are enjoying this beautiful weather.  I have moved to a weekly timetable now with plenty of activities to keep you busy.  You can work through the activities at your own pace.  I love seeing your work so please keep sending me photos and messages on Class Dojo.


See you all soon 

Mrs Barraclough 

Week Commencing 15th June 2020

Daily Workout with Joe Wicks at 9am                                         


Daily phonics lesson.                           Keep practicing your phonics sounds each day to help with your reading.  These 

Set 2 Speed sounds at 10am               live videos will only be available at the times shown.

Set 3 Speed sounds at 10.30am


Our new English Unit will be based on the story Brian Bear's Picnic

The link for the story and the tasks are all below for you to follow .

Lesson 1- Read the story of Brian Bear's Picnic with your adult and discuss what happens in the story.  Look on p6 at the questions about the story, write out the questions in your home learning book and then write a sentence to answer the question.  Look at page 7 and think about who said what in the story and write out the characters names and what they said.

Lesson 2- Look at page 8 and answer the quiz questions in your home learning book.  Make sure that you answer the questions using full sentences. 

Lesson 3- Exploring words together (page 9).  Look at the words which describe the picnic food, read them and talk about what they mean with your adult.  Make a list of other adjectives which you could use to describe food-make a list to describe food that you like and another list for food which you don't like.  Find out the name to describe a group of different things, sheep, cows and fish and write the sentences out and fill in the missing words.  Can you find out the names for any more, for example lions, wolves.

Lesson 4- Retelling the story (page 10).  Can you draw a story map to show Curtis, Bertha and Gertie's journey to the picnic.  Show all of the places which they visited and the order that they visited them.  Use your story map to orally retell the story to your adult.

Lesson 5- Sing along (page 11).  Have a look at Listen to the Teddy Bear's Picnic song and try to join and in and learn the words.  Think about what you would take on a picnic (page 12).  Make a list of 6 things that you would take.  Write each one in a sentence starting with 'My first choice would be...'  Try to use an adjective to add detail to your sentence, for example 'My first choice would be a box of juicy strawberries.' 



Maths Warm up your brain today by going to

Go to

Click onto Summer Term-Week 7 (w/c 8th June)  

Monday- Lesson 1- Count in 2s

Tuesday- Lesson 2-Count in 5s

Wednesday- Lesson 3-Count in 10s

Thursday- Lesson 4-Add equal groups

Friday- Friday Maths Challenge (football themed activities)

Watch the video and then have a go at answering the questions using the links below.

Task 1-This week I want you to think about the weather-keep a weather diary this week to record what the weather is like.  Is it the same every day?  Is the weather the same all day or can the weather change in the middle of the day?  Try and think of symbols to show the type of weather.

Task 2- Find another country to research what the weather is like.  Try and find a country which has different weather to us.  Find out and record what the weather is like in this country.  Think about the weather and how hot or cold it might be.

Task 3- Imagine that you are going on holiday.  Choose where you want to go, it could be in this country or another country.  What would you need to take with you in your suitcase?  Think about where you are going, what the weather might be like and what you might do on your holiday.  Draw a big suitcase in your home learning book and draw and label the things that you might take with you.


Go to

Look on the week 8 timetable.  The activities help you to warm up and learn and practice a new skill.  Let me know how you get on!


Today please show your adult some of your best yoga moves by choosing a yoga routine of your choice at  Enjoy!

 Please continue to read with your child EVERY DAY!



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