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For the rest of this term we will be focusing on transport and celebrating Easter. We will be looking learning which transport travel on land, air and sea, how we travel to nursery and the noises they make.

Below are some activities you could try at home or whilst out and about. Send pictures on dojo or bring in work/photo's of completed activities.


Home activities for transport

  • Listen for sounds whilst on a walk or outdoors, what can you hear?
  • Pick a colour how many cars can you see in that colour?
  • Can you draw your favourite transport?
  • How many aeroplanes can you count in the sky?
  • Make a car out of a big box!
  • Sort your cars at home into vehicle types or colour
  • Draw a road onto cardboard or paper for your cars, use blocks around to build a city
  • Think of different ways to travel to nursery - on your bike, scooter, walk


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