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Thursday 14.01.21

Thursday 14th January


Morning challenge/ letter formation

Watch the video labelled 'morning challenge - d '   (The video is below this timetable)

Use the green work book in your learning packs to practise writing the letter 'd'




Please ensure your child follows the Phonics lessons daily. This will support your child to read. In Reception, they need to learn Set 1 followed by Set 2. Please click on the link and watch the lesson virtually. Each day, a new sound will be added.


The Video's will be live from 9.30am and will last for 24 hours.


Focus - 

Set 1: p

Set 2: or



Daily task -

  • to hold a pencil and practise letter formation
  • to write your name
  • to speak in full sentences


L.O: To retrieve information from a text


Please watch the video below labelled 'Thursday English lesson.'

Talk about what happens in the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.'

Who were the characters? What did they do? Where was the story set?

What did Goldilocks do?

Use the sheet from your learning pack to sort the pictures into the correct section.

Encourage your child to speak in full sentences to explain where they have put each picture.

E.G: The story is set in a cottage. The cottage is in the deep, dark forest. 

E.G: The characters are the Three Bears and Goldilocks.  

Maths (AM)

L.O: To find the total of two amounts

Watch the video below of adding two amounts.

- Practice adding two amounts together. 

- Use resources you find around your home such as pasta, cereal, crayons.

- Make two amounts and then count them altogether. such as 3 + 2, 4+ 2, 5 + 3. 

challenge- can you child add slightly larger numbers to 10. such as 6 + 4, 7 + 3, 8 + 2. 

Key vocabulary- Add, altogether, total

- In reception it is important to keep repeating tasks, this will help your child secure each skill.


L.O:  To identify which materials are good for building a house.




Watch the video below 'The Three Little Pigs.'

Re-cap and discuss, which materials were used for the three houses.


Straw, sticks and bricks.


Look around your house and collect three different materials that you could build a house with. E.G: paper, cotton wool, cardboard tubes, cereal boxes, Lego, toilet paper, egg boxes, plastic bottles etc.


Build three different houses and see which is the strongest.

With help from an adult, use a hair dryer, to try and blow them down like the wolf did.

Discuss which materials where the strongest to build a house with and why.


Take photos of your houses and send them through to Dojo.

Morning challenge - d

Morning challenge - d

Thursday English lesson - retrieval from Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Thursday's lesson. Apologies, the video recording says Wednesday!!

Maths Addition

The Three little pigs story

Use this story to help with your Science lesson.

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