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Thursday 04.02.21

Thursday 4th February 2021


Morning challenge/ letter formation

Watch the video labelled 'morning challenge - ' sh '   (The video is below this timetable)

Use the green work book in your learning packs to practise writing the letter 'sh '




Please ensure your child follows the Phonics lessons daily. This will support your child to read. In Reception, they need to learn Set 1 followed by Set 2. Please click on the link and watch the lesson virtually. Each day, a new sound will be added.


The Video's will be live from 9.30am and will last for 24 hours.


Focus - 

Set 1: y

Set 2: ou



Daily task -

  • to hold a pencil and practise letter formation
  • to write your name
  • to speak in full sentences


L.O: To order a set of instructions

L.O: To write a simple sentence


Watch the video below to find out today's task


Today you will write the next the next two sentences to explain how to make porridge.


The video below will show children how to write their sentence.

- Begin your sentence with 'mix' EG: Mix it up.

Don't forget capital letter, finger space and full stops. 




Begin your sentence with 'Next' and extend your sentence with more words. 


Maths (AM)

L.O:  To recognise 2D shapes

Watch today's video below. 


Now look around your house for different 2D shapes. Go on a shape hunt.

Remember that 2D shapes are flat and they are the face of 3D objects. 

Can you find circles, squares, triangles and rectangles around your house?

-How many did you find?

-Which shape did you see a lot of?

-Are there any shapes you couldn't find?


Key Vocab

2D, flat, 3D objects


Challenge- We will be learning about shapes for a couple of weeks and we will start to discuss their properties. However if you would like a challenge you could start to count how many sides each shape has. 






L.O: To describe your home


Stand outside your house.

Can you give us information about your house? (Is it made from brick? How many neighbours do you have? Where do you keep your bins? Do you have a front/ back garden or yard?) 

Encourage your child to speak in full sentences. 



Draw your house and label the rooms.


Challenge - Can you draw and label objects in your house? E.G: bed, sofa, TV etc

Morning challenge - Thursday 'sh'

Thursday 2 D shape hunt

English Thursday - Writing instructions

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