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Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Please find all learning, for each week, by clicking on the icons labelled 'week commencing...'
Please use class Dojo to contact us for any extra support and to send us pictures of your child's learning.
Thank you, Miss Craig and Miss Ostranica

Days of the week

Please watch this video every day and encourage your child to join in the days of the week song. Please discuss with your child the new day, date and month over the next few weeks.

Enjoy a story with your family

Story time with Miss Craig and Bruce

The Gruffalo

Stick Man

Story time. We're going on a Bear Hunt

Goldilocks story

Our topic this half term is about Traditional Tales. A Traditional Tale is a story that has been re-told for many years and there are lots of them to read and learn. We will be using 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' as our English text. Here is a video of the story.

Miss Cairns Story time

A Squash and a Squeeze


Enjoy reading Cinderella with Miss Craig

Story time. The Billy Goats Gruff.

Story Time with Miss Ostranica

Little Red Riding Hood

The Three Little Pigs

Enjoy this story with Miss Cairns

The Enormous Turnip

Enjoy this story with Miss Craig. Another great Traditional Tale.

Extra activities that you can do with your child every day. You don't need to do these every day, but if you need any extra ideas:



  • Read your story book
  • Read a range of books/ talk about the Author of the story/ talk about the characters/ talk about what happens/ talk about where the story is set
  • Write your name
  • Practise writing letters in the alphabet. Take your time with presentation
  • Practise rhyming
  • Write initial sounds/ words/ labels
  • Draw a picture
  • Write numbers to 10
  • Write numbers to 20
  • Make numbers using resources around your house
  • Find different shapes in your house
  • Find 1 more than a number
  • Find 1 less than a number
  • Practise reading numbers to 10
  • Practise reading numbers to 20
  • Play games
  • Role play people/ characters/ roles of people
  • Cooking
  • Look after your pets
  • Talk about animals
  • Label colours
  • Watch Julia Donaldson stories on BBCIPLAYER



Reading Websites to look at and use

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