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Home Learning

This timetable will be updated weekly, along with Dojo. Please feel free to send me any pictures through Dojo of your child's learning. Please don't worry if you do not complete all of this learning. There is a lot here! - It is here to ensure you don't run out of ideas/ things to do at home. Please don't feel pressured to complete everything, but please try to have a go at most things. 

The most important thing to do daily is to ensure your child reads their book and joins in with the online phonics lessons. Thank you so much for your support - I am available every day if you need any help/ ideas/ questions. Please message me on Class Dojo and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Week- 13/07/2020

Time Activity

PE- the body coach is going LIVE each morning at 9am with a PE session for all ages.


Phonics - These times have changed - please find new times:

9.30am - SET 1 - speed sounds

9.45am- SET 1 - word time

10.00am- SET 1 - spelling


10am - SET 2 - Speed Sounds and Word Time

10.15 am - SET 2 - spelling


If you would like to challenge your child further - let them have a go at Set 3

10.30am - SET 3 - Speed Sounds and Word Time

10.45am - SET 3 spelling



Youtube channel for phonics -

English sesssion 

Sharing a shell


Lesson 1 - Listen to the story of Sharing a Shell.

Who is in the story? How do they help each other in the story? Who is friends in the story? What happens at the beginning of the story? What happens at the end of the story?


Lesson 2 -  . Re-watch the story. Can you retell the story yourself and include actions to retell it. 


Lesson 3 - Re-watch the story 

Can you design and label your own shell? Can you write a sentence to describe your shell? For example My shell is shiny or It is big and bumpy. 


Lesson 4 -Have another look at the story. Focus on where the crab lives and who else might live in a  rock pool. Can you design and label your own rock pool? Maybe you could google what other animals live in rock pools.


Lesson 5 - All about Friends

In Reception you have made lots of friends like the crab, the anenome and the brush. Can you draw your friends? Then write a sentence about why they are your friend? 



EXTRA - Please revisit and look at the high frequency word list and Tricky words list. The link is found below this timetable. Please practice reading these and spelling them.



EXTRA - Talk 4 writing activities -

Maths session Use the link to watch the 'how to' videos and then have a go at answering the questions. 


use week 12 (13th July) 'How many legs?'


Complete one activity a day. You can also look back at previous weeks to complete extra activities.


Afternoon session 



The last week of term is all about the Seaside,


  •  Write a list of things you would need to take to the beach.


  •  Design an outfit you could wear at the beach when it is hot weather.


  •  Can you make a boat from any empty containers you have got at home? Does it float? How many 10p pieces can it carry before it sinks?
  • Watch and join in a favourite seaside song.


Can you draw your favourite memory of Reception? It can be your friend or a favourite activity you have done during your time in Reception?






Extra things to do

A lovely book to read to explain Coronavirus to your child: 

'Everyone worries'


-Lego, cooking, drawing, singing, dancing, help around the house, tidy your bedroom, help your grown ups with jobs. 

  Please read with your child EVERY DAY! Can you continue to talk about the story/ characters/ what is happening.




EXTRA reading - Reception high frequency words and tricky words. The children must know all of the high frequency words and they must know phase 2,3 and 4 tricky words.


The writing scheme we follow in school is called Talk 4 writing. They have kindly created a home school booklet for children to complete at home. The link to access the home learning packs is here: 


Just simply click on the Reception Unit and there are lots of stories/ activities to complete at home. 


This is an extra activity to complete if you have time - no pressure or expectation to complete. It is just here for extra learning ideas in case you want to join in some fun. 


When we go back to school, we will be taking part in a topic linked to ‘Africa’ where we will be creating lots of Art/ project work around Africa.

If you would like to get a head start at home, could you complete some activities linked to Africa?

These could be

  • Find and locate Africa on the map
  • Talk about what the weather is like in Africa and why it is hot
  • What animals might you find in Africa?
  • Make some African jewellery using pasta/ shapes
  • Make African patterns (Zebra, leopard, tiger prints)
  • Draw different African animals
  • Draw traditional African welly boots using patterns
  • Create tiger masks
  • Print using paints
  • Elephant masks
  • Draw and colour animals / objects in bright colours.
  • Traditional African painting

These are extra home learning activities to be doing at home and useful websites to complete online learning.


Name writing - Please keep practising writing your child's name daily. 


Cooking- Let your child be more involved in cooking or baking. They can help you chop, mix and dish up. They could also write down and order the recipe. 


Maths-  This link will take you Top Marks counting games for reception children.


Reading- Author David Walliams is showcasing LIVE readings of his children's books.  A new story will be added every day. You could listen to the story and then write or draw a picture about the best part.


Child yoga- This is a great way to relax and be calm if your child starts to get restless. There are many yoga videos for children on YouTube. Here is a great breathing exercise video-


Songs- There are many songs we sing as much as possible in Reception. Here are some songs you could sing everyday. 


2D shape song-

3.D shape song

The big number song-

Days of the week-

months of the year-

Topmarks for maths games -

Phonics videos - alphablocks (cbcc)


My name is Miss Craig and I am very excited to be teaching in Reception 2 this year!

Welcome to Reception 2's class page, this is where you will some find key information and current learning the children are completing at the moment.

We encourage positive attitudes towards learning and school life and we love to watch the children's individual achievements blossom throughout the year. 

We have been settling into our classroom brilliantly and learning school routines. 

A main focus for Reception this year is Reading. You will hear all staff and children talking about reading daily. We have high expectations at St Josephs' and it is our goal to ensure your child is able to read before they leave Reception. Therefore, we expect all children to read at home every night to help give them the best start to their school life.

If you need to contact me for any reasons please don't hesitate to come and see me. 


Miss Craig and Miss Cairns :)

ABC Phonics Song - UK Version

Lets help our kids distinguish the beginning sounds of each letter in the alphabet with the associated word and picture. A great way to sing and learn Phonics!

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

This is a video to show how we teach the children at St Joseph's to write their letters.


  • All children are expected to have a PE bag in school. This must include PE top, shorts and pumps.

Reception will do PE on FRIDAY MORNINGS.


  • Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school
  • Please ensure your child brings a school bag to school every day with their reading book inside.
  • Please ensure all children are wearing correct uniform - jumpers, trousers / skirts / schools shoes. No trainers.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and is expected to be returned the following Wednesday. 

Materials - As part of our traditional tales topic, we explored a range of different materials. We designed three houses for the Three Little Pigs and tested their strength using a hair dryer. The children were able to understand which material was strong and material was weak.

People and Communities - Road Transport - The children have been learning all about how to stay safe near roads and when crossing a road. The police came in to speak to us about what we should do to look after ourselves. They also talked about their job and how they keep us safe.

Christmas Markets - Parents were invited in to school today to celebrate Christmas with their children. They experience lots of different activities and parents engaged with supporting their child. Happy Christmas everybody!

Tuesday 26th November - As part of our topic 'Celebrations', we have been learning about Chinese New Year in preparation for January. Our provision is set up to enhance learning and the children have enjoyed tasting a range of Chinese food.

Chinese food tasting

Thursday 14th November - We walked to Morrison's supermarket to buy some items for Kipper's birthday party. We chose party decorations, ingredients for cakes, juice, party food and balloons. The children used their coins to pay for the items and counted their change.

The children learnt how to melt chocolate and they created their own chocolate apples. We discussed the changes we observed and talked about solid and liquids.

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