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Reading at St Joseph's

Phonics and Reading at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


At St Joseph’s the children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 take part in a daily structured phonics session each day. Our daily phonics lessons follows the Read Write ic scheme. It successfully build children's speaking and listening skills and effectively teaches children through a systematic scheme to learn to read and phonetically decode words

Reading in Key Stage One

The children are given a reading book which they will bring home with them each day. When parents have listened to their child read they write a comment in the accompanying reading diary. Reading books can be changed several times per week. In addition to this, the children take part in focussed guided reading sessions at least once each week. The school expectation is that a child will be heard at least twice a week by an adult at school.

At St Joseph’s we use a range of reading schemes to provide a wide breadth of text types. Most of the reading schemes such as 'Floppy's Phonics', 'Songbirds' and Pearson 'Phonics Bug' are closely linked to the phonemes that the Key Stage One children will be learning in their daily phonics session. Other schemes, such as the 'Oxford Reading Tree' and 'Collins Big Cat' are banded with a colour according to their difficulty. The colour bandings are approximately at the following National Curriculum Levels:

Pink and Red = Working towards Level 1

Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange = Working within Level 1

Orange, Turquoise, Purple, Gold and White = Working within Level 2

White and Lime = Working within Level 3

Reading in Key Stage Two

Our aim is to inspire a love of reading in all our children. Each class has a well resources reading area. Teachers displaying books that they recommend that link to relevant authors, literacy, theme and science work. We believe reading isn't a stand-alone lesson, but integrated through all elements of the curriculum.

In weekly guided reading sessions children will explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and poetry with their teacher. They will consider the writers' use of language, become detectives and look for clues (inference and deduction) and look at the structure and organisation of a text, whilst developing their own comprehension of a text. These highly focused sessions often lead to creative activities to respond to reading like drama, music and art.

In addition to the guided reading session children in Key Stage Two will progress through the reading book bands. Taking books home to share with their families. The expectation at St Joseph’s is that all children will be heard at least once a week by an adult in school and more if they are not making progress in reading. We ask that you listen to your child read every day and engage in book talk with them. The book bands relate to a curriculum level. 

In Key Stage Two we do not follow one reading scheme, instead we have selected a range of books from a variety of sources to ensure that children are excited by what they read and that they have access to a range of quality texts.

At St Joseph’s we aim to ensure that by regular reading both in school and at home our children will develop a love of literature and be inspired by what they read. 

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