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People who help us

This week on our topic - people who help us, we are focusing on a dentist- What do they do?, what happens at the dentist? and why it is important to look after our teeth, ready for a visit from a dentist who will be coming to talk to the children to discuss how and why we look after and brush our teeth. 

Below are links to support teeth brushing at home.


Activities to support people who help us

  • Listen for sirens whilst out walking can you identify which vehicle it belongs to?
  • Can you count how many ambulances or fire engines can you see can you see whilst out and about
  • Take a picture of yourself brushing your teeth - send it on class dojo for a sticker!
  • Draw a picture of someone who has helped you recently
  • Make an emergency services vehicle out of a cereal box, think about what it needs, how many wheels?
  • Read a story about someone who helps us
  • Find a lollypop person- don't forget to say thank you!


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