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Monday 25/01/21

Monday 25th January 2021


Morning challenge/ letter formation

Watch the video labelled 'morning challenge - ' c '   (The video is below this timetable)

Use the green work book in your learning packs to practise writing the letter ' c'




Please ensure your child follows the Phonics lessons daily. This will support your child to read. In Reception, they need to learn Set 1 followed by Set 2. Please click on the link and watch the lesson virtually. Each day, a new sound will be added.


The Video's will be live from 9.30am and will last for 24 hours.


Focus - 

Set 1: f

Set 2: igh



Daily task -

  • to hold a pencil and practise letter formation
  • to write your name
  • to speak in full sentences


L.O: To retell the events of a story. 

Watch the video below to explain today's task

You will need the story board from your work packs. 

- Mix up the picture cards.

- Look at each picture and discuss what is happening. 

- Order the pictures. Beginning, middle and end. 

- Use the words ' first, next, then, finally' to order and talk through the story. 


Maths (AM)

L.O: Counting up to 10 in many different ways. 

Today I would like you to practise counting  to 10 in lots of different ways. 

This skill will help complete the maths for the rest of the week. 

- Can you count to 10 from 0?

- Count to 10 but start at different numbers, such as count on from 4.

- Parents ask your child to show you different amount of objects up to 10. Use pasta/ cereal/ objects from around your house. 

- Can you count to 10 on your fingers? Count slowly, one finger at a time. 

- Parents ask your child to show you different amounts on their fingers such as 'show me 6' they can count from 1 if they need to, see if they can count in their head

- Can your child find different numbers to 10 on their number track and write numbers 1-10 in their work books?


Can you count to 20, represent numbers to 20 and write numbers to 20?




L:O- To know that Jesus loves all of us. 

Watch and listen to the video below.

- Talk about who loves you the most? 

- why does this person love you?

- How do you know they love you?

- Can you guess who loves you even more than that person? JESUS!

- Talk about how Jesus will never stop loving you. Even if we forget Jesus, he will still always love us. 


-We can show Jesus that we love him by doing all that he asks us to do. 

He asks us to love one another, be kind and help others. 

Make a list of all the things you can do to show Jesus that we love him. 


Morning challenge- c

English. Ordering the story

RE. Jesus Loves Us All

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